Peerless Hybridge Timber Floor Primer

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Peerless Hybridge Timber Floor Primer is a waterborne nano particle aliphatic urethane for multi surface applications: timber, interior concrete, terrazzo, pre-sealed slate and unglased quarry tiles in commercial buildings.

This unique water based polyurethane hybrid timber floor primer is designed as an intermediate floor sealer and as a base sealer for rejuvenating worn and porous floors. It is an excellent problem solver in situations where it is not advisable to deep strip or sand floors.  Available in 5L.

When used as an intermediate sealer in these situations HyBridge is completely compatible with pre-existing water based or solvent floor seals and provides a high build, flexible layer in readiness for subsequent applications of any of the Hy-Floor series finishes.

When used to rejuvenate worn and porous floors the superior bridging and filling of HyBridge provides a perfect base for following applications of finish.

For floors sealed with solvent based seals:
Sweep or vacuum timber floors. Wash floors with clean water
and Peerless Jal’s Timber Preclean. Wash off with clean water
 and allow to completely dry. Vacuum timber floor thoroughly
and tack the floor with a water-dampened cloth before applying Hy-
Bridge. Make sure all dust is removed. Let the floor completely
dry. Do not forget to remove dust from skirting, windowsills,
radiators and other exposed areas.

For floors sealed with Acrylic water based seals:
Sweep or vacuum timber floors. Wash floors with clean water
and Peerless Jal’s Timber Preclean. Wash off with clean water
and allow to completely dry. Burnish floor to an even and
smooth level removing ingrained soil, traffic marking and
finish accumulation. Rinse two or three times with clean water. 
Allow floor to dry. Dust mop the floor before applying Hy-Bridge.

Use a paint brush or a paint pad to coat the edges. Start in
the corner and spread the intermediate/primer across the
grain of the timber. Smooth the primer in line with the
timber grain maintaining an even coat.

Roller application:
     For roller application use a paint tray and load
the roller evenly with seal.  Roll out excess on tray
ramp.  Roll slowly on the surface to be coated by over
lapping the roller strokes.  Finish off lightly with
the grain of the timber and the roller free of seal.

Polly Cotton mop
    Pour Hy-Bridge into a bucket, tray or suitable container
and immerse poly cotton mop. Soak completely. Squeeze out
excess liquid to eliminate dripping. Apply a first thin
even coat of the  finish to the floor. Start the application
of Hy-Bridge by running the mop parallel to and next
to the  skirting board.

Do not apply product to the vertical portions of skirting board.
Form a U shape section of applied finish. Cover the remaining
floor area inside the U shape using a figure 8 stroke.
Be sure to coat  the whole floor. Avoid splashing Hy-shield.
Pick up any puddles of Hy-Bridge before they dry.

Apply two or more coats as desired. More coats provide added
protection to the floor producing higher appearance levels.
Feather out all turns and avoid leaving application marks.
Do not allow puddles of Hy-Bridge to remain on the floor.
Missed areas can be touched up if seen straight away.
Apply at a recommended rate. Apply second coat if required.

Allow the first coat to dry for 1 hour. Second coat will take
longer to dry, 1-2 hours. Drying time of Hy-Bridge depends
on the environmental conditions of the area such as humidity,
air-flow and temperature. Area must be well ventilated.

Allow floor to dry completely before applying first coat
of selected finish. Finish floor with selected floor finish,
solvent or water based.

Swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Give a glass of water and
contact doctor or the Poisonous Information Centre on
(Australia 13 11 26 or New Zealand 0800764 766).

Eyes: If in eyes, hold eyelids open and irrigate with water
for at least 15 minutes. See a doctor if affects persist.
Skin: Remove contaminated clothing; wash affected area with
soap and water.
Download Hybridge Timber Floor Primer MSDS.

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