Peerless Hyprime Timber Floor Primer

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Peerless Hyprime Timber Floor Primer is an environmental and user friendly water based primer, specifically formulated for internal timber floors. It is fully compatible with Hy Traffic and Hydrothane floor finishes.

This product is designed to minimize the problem of edge bonding which occurs when climatic conditions cause floorboards to shrink naturally. Available in 5L.

Download Hyprime Timber Floor Primer MSDS.

Application of Hyprime should only be done for new or freshly sanded timber. It is easy to be applied with a roller or light weight bar applicator. Rolling on this product will reduce the appearance of shadowing and give the floor a more even look. Drying time is quick a nd a second coat may be applied if required after 1-2 hours. 

A single coat of HY-PRIME is usually sufficient and is applied to a dust free, fine sanded floor.  A second coat may be necessary on more absorbent timbers or if a fuller base is desired for extra high finishing.

• Floor temperature must be between 10 − 30 °C.
• Floor moisture content must be between 5 - 15%.  A moisture meter is recommended to indicate
the curing time of primer.
• In hot and dry climates slightly reduce exposure to direct air to prevent rapid and uneven drying.


Reference is made to the Australian Standard Code A
S 4786.2-2005: Timber Flooring – Sanding and Finishing.

Sand timber floor to a fine finish using accepted procedures.
Machine sand the surface to remove old treatments and impurities
in the wood.  Use a coarse sanding paper and sand the floor to an
even and smooth finish.  Make a second cut with 100−120 grit sand paper
and then fine sand with 120−150 grit sand paper.  This finishing
will reduce the amount of grain raise.  Vacuum thoroughly and
tack the floor with a water-dampened cloth before applying HY-PRIME.
Make sure all dust is removed.  Do not forget to remove dust
from skirting, windowsills, radiators and other exposed areas.

All application tools must be clean and free of contamination.
Cut in edges using a paint brush or paint pad.  Apply first coat
of HY-PRIME at the recommended rate using selected application method.
Smooth the seal in line with the timber grain and lay of the floor.
Ensure an even coating is obtained without puddles and misses.
• For roller application use a paint tray and load the roller
evenly with sealer.  Roll out excess on tray ramp.  Roll slowly
on the surface to be coated by overlapping the roller strokes. 
Finish off lightly with the grain of the timber and the roller
free of sealer. 
   An additional coat may be applied if floor is very porous.

Allow the first coat to dry for 1-2 hours. Additional coat
may take longer to dry - allow 2-4 hours if required. 
Allow floor to dry completely before applying first
coat of selected finish.  Drying time of HY-PRIME
depends on the environmental conditions of the area such as
air- flow, humidity and temperature. Area must be
well ventilated. 

Application of a sealer may raise the grain of the
timber creating a rough surface which needs to be
smoothed. Allow floor to dry completely before applying
first coat of selected finish.

Finish floor with HY-TRAFFIC or HYDROTHANE waterbor
ne timber floor finish.

Lightly sand the first coat of the finish with a wo
rn 150 grit screen disc.  Pass quickly over the surface to
avoid burnishing.  Vacuum thoroughly and tack the floor
with a water-dampened cloth.

Swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Give a glass of water and
contact doctor or the Poisonous Information Centre on
(Australia 13 11 26 or New Zealand 0800764 766).

Eyes: If in eyes, hold eyelids open and irrigate with water
for at least 15 minutes. See a doctor if affects persist.
Skin: Remove contaminated clothing; wash affected area with
soap and water.