Tork Industrial Low Lint Cleaning Cloth Folded W4

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An extremely low lint, absorbent and flexible cloth with anti-static properties that works well with solvents, detergents and disinfectants. Ideal for delicate or sensitive cleaning tasks. 100% Polypropylene, folded cloth in a W4 format. Size L40 x W38cm. 80 cloths x 5 packs = 400


Reduce contamination: 
Extremely low linting cloth reduces the amount of contamination on all surfaces

Increase efficiency:  
Suitable for use with most oil and acid based chemicals according to 
ASTM D-543 standards (American Standard Test Method)

Improve safety: 
Anti-static cloth can be used to eliminate sparks in Electrostatic Protective Areas and vibrant blue material helps to stand out to minimise risk