Kerrick SkyVac Panda 3 Motor Vacuum

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If you are looking for a heavy-duty gutter and roof cleaning marvel, the Kerrick SkyVac Panda Industrial Vacuum is your go-to partner. With three 1000W and lightweight carbon fiber poles, it tackles moss, mud, and debris effortlessly, making it perfect for commercial and residential use.

The built-in wireless camera and inspection monitor ensure precision, while the ergonomic design eliminates the need for ladders, scaffolding, and cherry pickers, simplifying even the most challenging tasks.

The Kerrick SkyVac Panda Industrial Vacuum is a commercial-grade powerhouse that changes the world of gutter and roof cleaning. It has three robust 1000W motors that set a new standard for efficiency and power. This vacuum is a true heavyweight champion designed for the heavy tasks of clearing drains and roof areas.

What sets SkyVac Panda above the rest? Its innovative design.

The SkyVac Panda is mounted on an ergonomic tipping trolley and equipped with lightweight carbon fibre poles, allowing you to reach heights of up to 9 metres with ease and, of course, safety. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying ladders, scaffoldings, and cherry pickers, as this vacuum simplifies your tasks!

With SkyVac Panda, moss, mud, and debris in gutters stand no chance because of its unbeatable suction power. It suits domestic and commercial properties, retail outlets, factories, schools, offices, and hospitals. It's definitely your go-to solution for heavy-duty cleaning.

In addition, the built-in wireless camera and inspection monitor ensure precision in every vacuuming operation, making the process practical and safe for use.

The SkyVac Panda kit has a complete carry case, crevice tool, steel dirt breaker, and tapered tool end with 135 and 180-degree angle tool holders. This guarantees that you have the right tools for every job.

Hence, when it comes to industrial vacuuming, you can be assured that the SkyVac Panda Kit is your ultimate gutter and roof cleaning partner.

-Designed to perform heavy-duty cleaning on roofs and gutters
-Commercial-grade dry and wet vacuum safely extends up to 9 metres
-Has a built-in wireless camera and monitor for precision cleaning
-Has three 1000w motors
-Ergonomic tipping trolley design
-Has longer hose lengths available

-Wireless camera
-lightweight carbon fibre poles
-carrying case
-crevice tool
-steel dirt breaker
-tapered end tools with 135 and 180-degree holders

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