Dual Stream Rigid Liner Set for Stainless Steel Step On Waste Rubbish Bin Containers

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Dual Stream Rigid Liner helps sorting and recycling simple,  quick and easy.

Optional dual stream rigid liners are available for all Stainless steel Front Step containers. Available for 30L, 50L, and 90L. Set of black/blue colours.

Dual Stream Rigid Liners Dimensions:
Front Step
30L - L407.5 x W258.7 x H467.1cm;  weight 1.45Kg
50L - L443.6 x W283.6 x H657cm;   weight 1.59Kg
90L - L538.6 x W348.6 x H737.1cm;  weight 2.86Kg

End Step
30L - L392.5 x W235.6 x H544cm;  weight 1.81Kg
50L - L423.5 x W253.6 x H697.2cm;  weight 2.5Kg
90L - L528.7 x W298.5 x H797cm;  weight 3.36Kg

** Available on Special Order. It takes approximately 12 weeks.