Diggers Fire Starter Smokeless Gel 1L

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Diggers Fire Starter is an easy to use multi-purpose gel fire starter and cleaner. The gel formula allows for better and more accurate coverage than firelighters and reduces risk for consumers.

Typical uses

  • Charcoal/ briquette/ wood fire starter.
  • BBQ’s, spit roasts, open fires, camping and fireplaces.
  • Also serves as an effective BBQ cleaner/ grease remover.
  • Indoor/ outdoor use.


  • Multi-purpose – fire starter and cleaner.
  • Easy to light/ use – provides excellent coverage.
  • Gel formula for easy application and longer lasting burn time.
  • Smokeless and clean burning.
  • Won’t alter the taste of food.
  • Natural – Made from renewable resources.
  • Contains no hydrocarbons.
  • Gel formula provides increased safety for consumers.


For Lighting Charcoal and Starting Fires

  • Pour 1/3 cup of Diggers Fire Starter over 1KG of Diggers Charcoal, BBQ fuel or wood and light. N.B 1KG = 1-2 large hand-fulls. NOTE: Never add gel to flame or glowing embers. Not suitable for use as a fondue/ burner fuel.

For Cleaning BBQs and Removing Grease

  • Pour onto cloth or rag, allow to penetrate and wipe surface. Repeat if necessary. Before disposing of rag/ cloth, soak in water.
  • Thixotropic – allows for cleaning on vertical surfaces.


Wear suitable gloves and eye/ face protection when using this product.

Click here for Diggers Fire Starter MSDS.