Diggers Jetcrete 5 Minute Mortar

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Diggers Jetcrete 5 Minute Mortar is a rapid setting, ready to use mortar for securing all common fittings including patching, plugging and grouting, fixing pedestals, sealing water leakages, electrical fittings and fixing pipes. For inside and outside applications.

- fast acting, very high early strengths
- ideal for outdoor and indoor use

Diggers Jetcrete 5 Minute Mortar can be used for patching concrete, brickwork, creation of ramps, correction of minor flaws in concrete surfaces or anywhere where a rapid setting patching mortar is required. Ideal for quick installation of toilet bowls.

All surfaces must be free from oil, grease and dust.  Pre-wet (or apply one coat of diluted Diggers Gripcrete for extra bonding) the surface before application.  Place the required amount of Jetcrete in a bucket.  Gradually add water to achieve the desired consistency.  As a guide, use 3 parts by volume to 1 part of water. 15 minutes after application, smooth with a wet trowel to achieve an even finish.  Clean tools with water immediately after use.

Initial setting time 15 minutes.
Final setting time 50 mintues.
Ready to receive subsequent coatings and underlayments in 90 minutes.
Ready for high load installations in 7 days.

Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection when using  this product.