Diggers Raincoat Sealer Water Repellent

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Diggers RainCoat™ is an invisible, unique silicone based, water repelling surface treatment for all types of masonry. It is designed to provide long-term protection against weathering, staining and mildew.

Typical Uses:
- Preserves the natural texture and appearance of masonry.
- Provides surface protection for: natural stone, bricks, asbestos cement sheets, gypsum plaster, ceramic tiles (UNGLA200), terrazzo, concrete and cement renders.
 Available in 1L, 4L, and 20L.


  • Unique silicone based water repellent.
  • Most paints (except cement-based) can be applied over Diggers RainCoat.
  • Prolongs the substrate’s life by preventing moisture penetration.
  • 10 year working life (dependant on conditions).
  • Coverage per litre:
    6m² – Hard brick and concrete
    4m² – Cement render and fibre cement
    3m² – Concrete blocks, soft bricks and sandstone
    2m² – Thermalite


1.Ensure the surface is dry and free from dust and grease. Always spot test a small area first as the solvent in Diggers Raincoat may soften some oil-based paints.
2.Diggers Raincoat can be applied by brush or low-pressure spray – do not use atomising sprays. Flood the surface liberally as a penetration of at least 3mm is required. A fluid run down of 150–200mm is a good
indication of correct flooding. Start at the bottom and finish at the top.
3.Curing takes 24 hours. One liberal coating is adequate except on porous surfaces when a second, lighter
coat after 2 hours will ensure complete water resistance. Diggers RainCoat is extremely difficult to remove
from glass after the resin has cured.
4.Clean up with Diggers Mineral Turpentine or Diggers White Spirits.


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye / face protection when using this product.

Click here for Diggers Raincoat Sealer MSDS.