Autospray Metered Aerosol Air Freshener Dispenser

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LCD Programmable intelligent autospray metered aerosol dispenser operation for convenience and cost control. 

Operates on 2 "D" Cell branded alkaline batteries that can last up to one year. Available in ABS White Cover and Polycarbonate Transparent Cover.

DETACHABLE MECHANISM - allows easy programming and quick replacement without dismantling the dispenser.

BUILT-IN CLOCK FUNCTION - controls spray operation at actual local time setting.

DAILY START AND STOP TIMES OF OPERATION - can be set to the exact hour and minute.

SETTING NUMBER OF SPRAYS - can be programmed for each aerosol can service cycle (ranging from 3000 to 9900 sprays) so that the mechanism automatically turns off when can's content is expected to be used completely.

SPRAY COUNTER - number of sprays already dispensed can be checked anytime during the service cycle.

TIME INTERVAL BETWEEN SPRAYS - can be programmed within a variable range from 1 minute to 60 minutes.

LED INDICATOR - green blinking light indicates unit is in operation, and will change to red when batteries are weak.