Diggers Hardwall Plaster Powder 3kg

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Diggers Hardwall Plaster is a fine, off-white, odourless powder used to bridge gaps and imperfections in hardwall plaster. The formulation is simple and ready-to-use, just add water.

Typical Uses:
- Plaster finishes.
- All types of masonry.
- Hard veneer finish for timber.
Lime, cement and other additives are not required to retard the setting time. Coverage approximately ¾ m² per kg. It is very simple and easy-to-use.



1. Add 1 part Diggers Hardwall Plaster to 0.5 parts water and mix to a creamy consistency.
2. If the mix is too wet simply add more Diggers Hardwall Plaster. If too dry, add more water and mix again.
3. Wet the surface to be plastered with water (if surface is very porous, mix 1 part Diggers Gripcrete to 8 parts of water and use this mixture instead of water).
4. While the surface is still wet apply the Diggers Hardwall Plaster mix using a trowel – without leaving trowel marks.
5. Leave until firm (approximately 45 minutes from the time of making the mix) – maintaining checks regularly.

HINT: Wet trowel before trowelling to achieve a smooth and shiny finish. Remove all plaster from door frames,
power points, floors, tools etc. with water before it sets hard.


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye / face protection when using this product.

Click here for Diggers Hardwall Plaster Powder MSDS.