Diggers Fibreglass Resin Catalyst

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Diggers Fibreglass Resin Catalyst is a colourless liquid with a mildly pungent odour, easy-to-use dropper bottle for more accurate measurement.

It is the hardener required to set off Diggers Fibreglass Resin and Diggers Casting and Embedding Resin. It is great for curing polyester resins.

Available in 15ml and 120ml.


1. Mix resin with catalyst: for 100ml of resin (cold day) use 2.5 to 3ml catalyst; and for 100ml resin (hot day) use 1.5 to 2ml catalyst.
2. Use a measuring cup for the amount of catalyst needed or if using the dropper bottle 1ml = 45 drops. Mix the catalyst into the resin using a flat stirring stick until a uniform colour has been achieved.
3. Make allowances for temperature, humidity, depth of resin and draughts as these factors can affect the amount of catalyst needed.


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye / face protection when using this product.

Click here for Fibreglass Resin Cagtalyst MSDS.