Diggers Fibreglass Cloth and Strips

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Diggers Fibreglass Cloth and Strips are woven strands of fibreglass used in conjunction with Diggers Fibreglass Resin


Smooth finish.
175 gsm.
Filament diameter: 9 microns. 
Number of filaments: 400 per yarn. 
Glass type: E-Glass. 
Sizing type: AB7 Silane. 

It is to provide extra strength and flexibility to fibreglass, metal and timber and other rigid substrates.

A common reinforcement used with polyester resin for hand lay-up. Strips are stuck together to form a mat in differing thicknesses on uneven surfaces. Diggers Fibreglass Cloth and Strips use the same strands as fibreglass matting but are woven rather than chopped, leaving a finish that is much smoother, stronger and more flexible.


For application refer to Diggers Fibreglass Kits or Diggers Fibreglass Resin product data sheets or labels.

Typical Uses:
•Bikes, boats, castables, vacuum-cast shapes, automotive bodywork and surfboards.


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye / face protection when using this product.

Click to download Fibreglass Cloth and Strips MSDS.

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