Diggers DIY Fibreglass Kits

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Diggers Fibreglass Kits are ready-to-use DIY kits for repairing cracks, dents, holes and imperfections in fibreglass, metal and timber surfaces.

Strand-chopped fibreglass matting for reinforcement. Up to 5% paint tint can be added to the resin to achieve a solid colour. Available in 3 sizes.

Typical Uses:

  • Caravans, boats, trailers, bikes and cars.
  • Fibreglass surfboards, water skis, pools and water tanks.
  • Down pipes, leaky gutters, metal roofs and rusted panels.
  • Steel, iron, timber, masonry and aluminium.


1. Prepare the surface with Diggers Acetone.
2. Cut the chopped strand mat to the required size and allow an extra centimetre around the edges. On tight curves, tear the mat to fit, adding extra pieces if needed. Put the mat on a clean surface until
ready for use (e.g. newspaper).
3. Mix no more resin than what you can use in 30 minutes: 920ml (1kg) resin = 1m² matting; 460ml (500g) resin = 0.50m² matting; 230ml (250g) resin = 0.25m² matting.
4. Mix resin with catalyst: for 100ml resin (cold day) use 2.5 to 3ml catalyst; and 100ml resin (hot day) use 1.5 to 2ml catalyst. 1ml = 45 drops
5. Brush a thick coat of resin onto the surface and then position the fibreglass on top of the wet resin. Add
another coat of resin taking care not to displace the fibres. Dab it, do not brush it. Make sure that every part
of the fibreglass is ‘wet out’ thoroughly (with no air bubbles). Allow to saturate and use a roller to squeeze
the air out of the fibres. Clean up with Diggers Acetone.
6. Leave to cure, preferably overnight. Add more layers as required. Additional layers should be completed
within 24 hours of the last layer curing. If layers are applied after 24 hours, light sanding between layers is

NOTE: When using or working on virgin foam ensure the foam is sealed prior to use as application of fibreglass
(polyester) resin may dissolve the foam. Not suitable for epoxy surfboards.


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye / face protection when using this product.

Click here for Diggers  DIY Fibreglass Kit MSDS.