Diggers Casting and Embedding Resin 500g

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Diggers Casting & Embedding Resin is crystal clear, used extensively as a teaching aid and for applications in metallurgy, zoology, botany and medicine.

It hardens in 12 hours. Semi-transparent, viscous liquid with a characteristic styrene odour.


1. If the mould is not made out of ice cream container material, coat the inside with Carnauba Wax.
2. Wearing latex gloves and working in a well ventilated area, mix required amount (eg. 100ml resin with 1.5ml catalyst). Use a wooden mixing stick to stir the mixture. Mix gently to avoid trapping too many air bubbles in the resin.
3. Pour resin into the mould up to the level where you would like to see the object begin (in layers of 5-10mm). Pouring the resin in multiple layers will avoid the resin creeping up the sides during curing time and keeps the resin from becoming too hot. Too much heat might crack the resin. Let it set. Gently place the object in the mould and pour a layer of 5-
10mm of resin. Absorbent material should be sealed with a sanding sealer prior to being
submerged in the resin. When the resin has hardened, but before completely cooled down
repeat this process up to the last layer.
4. Cover with plastic wrap between layers to avoid dust settling on surface. Avoid touching
the resin surfaceand ensure the cast has not come away from the mould between layers.
Ensure all air bubbles are popped with a needle between layers. Note: Diggers Casting and
Embedding Resin is not self levelling.
5. NOTE: Casting resin does shrink during curing time and will come away from the mould.
Remove the cast from the mould after it has cured for 24 hours by stretching out the sides
of the mould. If surface is still tacky, let it harden until it is tack-free. Let it dry for at least
12 hours more.
6. Clean up with Diggers Acetone.


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye / face protection when using this product.

Click here for Casting and Embedding Resin MSDS.