Enzyme Wizard Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

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Enzyme Wizard® - Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner is blended to clean heavy grease, oil, dirt and stains from floors, walls, tables and other hard surfaces. It is designed to discharge down the drain where the enzyme formula will continue to attack the grease and food waste.

 It breaks down and destroys oils, grease, ink, petroleum products, food, dirt, grime, and other organic matter. It contains a proprietary multi-enzyme formula designed to break down grease, oil, and food waste.

Available in 1L twin,1L ready to use, 5L Jerry Can, 10L Cube,20L Cube, and 200L. Empty 1L twin bottle, and 1L spray bottles are also available.


-  TOUGHER than caustic products
-  Safe for employees
-  Biodegradable - disposable in drains
-  SAFE for storage
-  DESTROYS organic soils: Destroying odors at the source!
-  EFFECTIVE at lower temperatures
-  Dilutes - mop buckets, automatic machines and foaming equipment


-  Industrial floor
-  Equipment
-  Industrial concrete
-  General Surfaces


- 100% biodegradable
-  Non-flammable
-  Non-Caustic
-  No hash chemicals

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner MSDS. Click here for