Diggers Sprayable Linseed Oil 400g

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Diggers Sprayable Linseed Oil comes in a convenient aerosol pack for fine or delicate applications for preserving timber or timber products. It is ideal for hard to reach places.

It produces a finish that is generally impervious to water, heat, scratches and most stains.

Typical Uses:

  • Sticky doors, windows and drawers.
  • Timber BBQ trolleys.
  • Timber venetian blinds.
  • Removing stains from linoleum and vinyl.
  • Polishing chrome fittings and plastic bumpers on cars.
  • Sealing interior brickwork.
  • Chairs, benches, garden furniture and plant boxes.
  • Wooden umbrellas, tool handles and sporting equipment.
  • Boats and canoes.


1. Ensure surface to be treated is dry and clean.
2. Shake can before use.
3. Spray 15-20cm from surface.
4. Ensure spray nozzle is pointed at surface area.
5. Spray evenly over entire surface that requires treatment. Keep can upright at all times.
6. Allow 30 minutes between coats, longer on cold days.
7. To prevent clogging turn the can upside down and press spray nozzle for 3-4 seconds.
8. Clean up any excess with a clean lint free cloth to prevent the surface from drying sticky.

NOTE: Soak rags in water as spontaneous ignition may occur on drying. Dispose of rags by
controlled incineration or at an approved landfill.


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye / face protection when using this product.

Click here for Diggers Sprayable Linseed Oil MSDS