White Magic Spin Mop Foot | Press Handle

White Magic
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Replacement Handle for the White Magic Spin Mop System. 1.5m long the handle comes in 4 pieces and is made of the highest quality aluminium piping and plastic.

It is suitable for the White Magic Spin Mop and most other Foot Press "copy" Spin Mops currently on the market. 

How to use?
How to Use White Magic Spin Mop Foot | Press Handle
A. Assemble the Mop Handle : Screw pieces of handle together.
 B. Connect Mop Head : Place the mop head on the ground. Place handle over the mop head and
step on the purple dish until you hear a click.
 C. Adjusting the Angle of the Mop Head : Adjust the mop handle to your desired mopping angle.
 D. Changing Mop Heads : Step on the mop microfibres with the screw of the mop handle pointing
towards your foot at 90 degrees. Push the mop handle away from your body until you hear the mop head click off.

NOTE: Do not stand on the purple mop head dish when removing the mop head.

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