White Magic Spin Mop Microfinger Mop Head

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The White Magic Microfinger Mop Head transforms the Spin Mop into a dusting and cleaning magnet. When used dry the hundreds of Microfingers trap dust and allergens like a magnet. When wet the Microfingers are soft and absorbent - great for washing your car or boat.

How to use?

A. Attaching the Mop Head - Attach to handle by stretching the mop head around the purple dish head.
 B. Using the Mop - Use the mop wet to wash cars, boats, caravans or wash windows.
 C. Drying the Mop - To dry the mop place in spinner as per instructions provided for the Microfibre Mop Head.
 D. Removing the Mop Head - Use your fingers to remove the mop head and hand wash only
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