White Magic Microfibre Spin Mop Foot Press

White Magic
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This microfibre spin mop from White Magic allows you to easily control the dampness of the mop head using FOOT Press system.

Why is it so effective – Effortlessly spin your mop dry?
– Chemical free cleaning
– Clean under and around
– More than a mere mop
– Machine washable mop heads

Where to use
– Tiles
– Laminate
– Timber
– Under the couch
– Into square corners
– Stone
– Lini
– Cork
– Window
– Cars, Boats and Caravans

You can use it dry for dusting or wet for mopping. The patented Spin Mop Spinner rotates at over 2600 revolutions per minute to expel the water from the Microfibre mop head.

You can combine this with a circular mop head that can spin 360 Degrees and a handle that will pivot 180 Degrees you can clean any hard floor and into any hard to reach place. The Spin Mop was invented in Taiwan in 2008 and is backed up with a 1 Year Guarantee.

There is a bonus microfinger microfibre mop head included with every spin mop pack.

How to Use the Spin Mop Foot Press System?
How to Use the Spin Mop Foot Press System?
A. Assemble the Mop Handle
 B. Find your Preferred Mopping Angle
 C. Add Water to the Bucket
 D. Rinse the Mop Microfibres
 E. Place the Mop into the Spinner
 F. Spin the Mop
 G. Changing Mop Heads
 H. Washing the Mop Head


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