Aqua-dapter Pole Valve

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The Aqua-dapter® is an innovative waterfed pole tap that allows you to switch the flow of water on or off just by pulling on the hose at the bottom of your pole.

The bundle price includes 8m of our hose that stays consistent in hot and cold weather and won’t stretch when you pull it (which is important for optimum performance of the Aqua-dapter®).


Female EURO thread connects to your waterfed pole, and EURO thread end connects to your brush or angle adapter. Please note, if your pole doesn't have a threaded end, you will need a Quick Release EURO Thread Pole End to fit to the end of your pole.

Aqua-dapter® is strong, yet light, and manufactured to the highest standards using premium-quality materials. It can be fitted to your pole in a few moments, and swapped between poles easily.

If you are unsure about fitting Aqua-dapter® to your pole, please Contact Us, specifiying the make & model of pole you use, and a photo of the end screw/connection if possible, and we will do our best to help.