RHG H2Pro 3-Stage RO System with 220V Pump USA Made

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RO/DI unit ready to clean, fully assembled, straight from the USA. Ready for 2-3 operators. Work up to 5 storeys. Great for high TDS areas to save on resin.

Complete with 0.5hp 220v pump. Capable of producing up to 9L per minute. For occasional use in hard water areas


The H2Pro RO/DI Pure water systems feature serviceable housings and quick-disconnect fittings.

Includes manifold-style inlet/outlet/bypass ports and an “RO Only” feature to keep your RO membranes running at peak efficiency and conserve DI. You can also wash with less pure RO water where DI purity is not needed. Inline pressure gauges come standard.

*Inlet Pressure Gauge
*RO Only Option – Save $$$ on Filter Replacement
*Highest Flow Rates in the Industry
*Largest Carbon Pre-­filter in the Industry
*Easy to Adjust Bypass Valve
*30” Long Lasting DI Filters
*Manifold Style Hookups – EZ Connect!
*Integrated John Guest Fittings
*Water Powered or Electric Powered
*Pressure Regulator (Electric Model)
*On/Off Switch (Electric Model)
*Run Multiple Operators (Electric Model)
*RHG’s EZ Snap Filters
*Compact Design
*1:1 Ratio
*220v pump
*Made in the USA

System specs:

– 25cm x 31cm x 125cm
– 48kg including resin and pre-filtering (dry weight)

Capable of producing up to 9L per minute