WTS2 12.5 Litre Portable De-ionisation System

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12.5 litre pure water de-ionisation system. Pure water will not leave any spotting on windows. The ultimate window cleaning tool!

Dual outlet for running 2 poles, dual pre-filters for extending resin life, dual inline TDS meter, mix valve and more! Don't stress yourself, roll this system around on the lightweight trolley. Compact to fit any truck/station wagon

System comes complete - 12.5 litre tank with resin , 5 micron carbon pre-filter to help conserve resin, inbuilt detergent dispenser, with 5 litres of Wash & Rinse detergent and flow valve to control the flow of detergent. Select your resin type.

Plug and Play! Connect to your water source and you're ready to work.




L 50 cm x W 40 cm x H 72 cm

Weight (including resin and filters)

25 kg

Hourly DI flow capacity (TDS 100)

375 – 500 lph

Total de-ionisation resin capacity*
*1 WFP brush (100lph) @ TDS 100
Capacity will vary depending on local water quality


30 – 40 hours


Carbon filter 10’’ x 2.5’’

Filtered water only outlet

Yes, with detergent injector

Pressure gauges (inlet & outlet)


Dual DI WFP outlets

Yes, with detergent injectors

Inline TDS meter (inlet & outlet)


Hose connectors


Detergent dispenser


Maximum operating pressure

100 psi 690 kPa

Maximum operating temperature


How is it different to the WTS1?
Double DI Outlet with detergent
2 pressure gauges to view inlet and outlet water pressure
2 x DI Bypass Outlet, to bypass DI, with detergent injector
Inline TDS meter for inlet and outlet water
Run up to 4 poles from the one system – 2 with pure water and 2 with DI bypass