8 Litre Lift and Carry Portable De-Ionisation System

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8 litre pure water de-ionisation system. Pure water will not leave any spotting on windows. The ultimate window cleaning tool!



L 20 cm x W 30 cm x H 52 cm

Weight (including resin and filters)

10 kg

Hourly DI flow capacity (TDS 100)

280 – 340 lph

Total de-ionisation*
*1 WFP brush (100lph) @ TDS 100
Capacity will vary depending on local water quality


20 – 25 hours


Carbon filter 10’’ x 2.5’’

Filtered water only outlet


Pressure gauge


Detergent dispenser


Maximum operating pressure

100 psi 690 kPa

Maximum operating temperature


Note - system does not come with hose, pole, brush, TDS meter, etc. If you need these items, please look at our complete packages

Plug and Play! Connect to your water source and you're ready to work. Pure water de-ionisation system. 8 litre tank with resin included. 5 micron carbon pre-filter to help conserve resin included. Run tap water through the system and it'll emit 0 TDS water.