Alpha Pole Clamps

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Alpha Pole Clamps are made of nylon/fibreglass construction. Long lasting, very strong, lightweight and hold their shape. The design is contoured and streamlined, meaning less chance of being damaged or caught when riding up and down walls/gutters/ledges.

Easy adjustment with aluminium thumb-nut and stainless steel bolt. Dual stainless steel mounting bolts for ease of change.

*May not be suitable for other poles with glued or taped clamps, because of their thinness of section wall.

* Please note, product is a single clamp

WWALPHACLMP1 - Clamp for Section 1 and 2 (#0 under lever)WWALPHACLMP3 - clamp for section 3 (#1 under lever)WWALPHACLMP4 - clamp for section 4 (#2 under lever)WWALPHACLMP5 - clamp for section 5 (#3 under lever)WWALPHACLMP6 - Clamp for Section 6 (#4 under lever)
WWALPHACLMP7 - Clamp for Section 7 (#5 under lever)
WWALPHACLMP8 - Clamp for Section 8 (#6 under lever)
WWALPHACLMP9 - Clamp for Section 9 (#7 under lever)
WWALPHACLMP10 - Clamp for Section 10 (#8 under lever)
WWALPHACLMP11 - Clamp for Section 11 (#9 under lever)
WWALPHACLMP12 - Clamp for Section 12 (#10 under lever)