Gardiner Super-Lite Modular Pole 45ft 13.89m

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45' (13.89m) 8 section, extremely light, modular (non telescopic) pole so build it up depending on the height you're working at.

The lightest pole in the world. Ideal if you have an injury or work frequently at heights.

Super-Lite® Pole Package includes:

Protecta-Rings on each Section
Large holdall
VELCRO® Stretch Straps

Click here to watch video on how to use Super Lite Modular Pole.

Super-Lite® Poles - Welcome to a lighter way to enjoy window cleaning

Super-Lite® Water-Fed Window Cleaning Poles - The original and still the best.
UK IPO Design Protected. In conjunction with one of Europe’s leading Carbon Fibre specialists, Gardiner have developed what we feel is the best way of cleaning high level windows with minimum strain.

These poles are so light that they will completely change your method of working. Imagine working with a 45ft pole that weighs less than an 18ft fibreglass pole. It has been said that 'it’s not a race', but we believe that by using a ‘Super-Lite’ Water-Fed Pole an operator will be able to work faster with less strain than with any heavy telescopic pole or heavy-weight modular pole.
Once you have tried the weight of these poles you will not want to go back to other ‘ordinary’ poles. With the Super-Lite, all the sections are the same 5’ 7” in length meaning that even average height workers can easily adjust the height of the pole.

The poles are part of a modular system that provides quick and easy adaptability. The SL-45 comes as an 8-section pole with each section pushing into the section above using a super-stiff taper joint.

Super-Lite® Poles - What type of work are they suited to?

They are particularly suited to commercial work where there is a high volume of repetitive work, even at modest heights. They can also be used on any type of work where windows of a high level are encountered. Once you are working with the pole on the job there is no need to change poles for lower work, simply remove sections and carry on working. Even with just one section attached they are ideal for ground floor window cleaning.

Whilst we personally would recommend a telescopic pole (perhaps the 30ft SL-X) for domestic or smaller properties, many users throughout the country find that the benefits of the Super-Lite® are such that they use them on most of their work. These poles are ideal for workers with previous injuries or work related strains as they allow the user to continue with pole work where it would not otherwise be possible.