Water Fed Pole and Water Treatment Packages 3B

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“Grunter Plus” Residential, Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Package 3B – 12.5L WTS2 DI System on trolley WITH DETERGENT DISPENSER & DETERGENT, 12.5m pole (9m UltraPro high modulus carbon fibre pole + 3.5m SMC Ext 1), 12” and 18” brush, 100m hose and everything else you need!

Package includes:

12.5 litre WTS2 with Detergent - Portable De-ionisation System on Trolley. Lightweight trolley*, compact enough to fit in any truck/station wagon
Inbuilt Detergent Dispenser & 5 litres Wash & Rinse Detergent

12.5 litres Mixed Bed Resin. To remove dissolved solids and dry spot free
5 Micron Carbon Pre-filter. To maximise resin exchange capacity
41' (12.5m) Pole - 9m Alpha UltraPro Pole + SMC Ext 1 - 8 section pole.The lightest, strongest and most rigid high modulus carbon fibre pole on the market. Sections and clamps are removable. Perfect pole for commercial & residential work at any height. Extra sections can be added, and all sections are electrically insulated.
12" Alpha Shifter 310 Brush with 2 V-Jets - Designed for maximum filament contact with the glass, a brush that works like a scrubbing pad.
18″ Alpha Shifter 427 Brush with 4 V-Jets . Designed for maximum filament contact with the glass, a brush that works like a scrubbing pad. Efficient for ground storey windows and solar panels
Inline TDS meter. For checking the total dissolved solids reading of the input and output water. After running through the DI it'll be 0, resulting in no spotting on the windows or panels
Inline Pressure Gauge. Sturdy metal gauge that will measure water pressure up to 150psi
100m x 6.5mm hose & reel. To connect to your pole hose
Hose leader. To connect DI system to the hose reel
16m Pole Hose - Runs through the middle of your pole to ensure no snagging
Pole Hose Valve to Pushfit Connector. Control the flow of water at the base of your pole without having to go back to your water source or DI system. Heavy duty!
Connector protector. Protects pole hose valve when dragging on the ground
Wiel-Loc Angle Adapter. Angle your brush head for the desired reach for hard-to-get windows or back panels. 10″ reach with ability to use on any brush socket or pole end and add two arms
3 x Wiel-Loc Click Extensions. Gooseneck extensions arms for use with the Wiel-Loc angle adapter. Extends your reach to 50cm to help give you access to panels from ground leve

- Optional larger tank and resin size
- Optional wash and rinse detergent dispenser (can be fitted at a later date)
- Optional thicker hose with reel
- Optional pole change
- Optional water trolley cart and pump addition for when you're working on sites without access to a water source, or have access to rain/tank water

** only the very best poles use multi-layered unidirectional carbon fibres for maximum strength to weight ratio and durability

Difference from Package 3A?
WTS2 DI system, complete with dual outlets, inline TDS meter, dual pressure gauges, DI bypass, triple detergent outlet

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