Water Fed Pole and Water Treatment Package 2

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“Contractor 1″ Residential & Solar Panel Cleaning Package 2 – 12.5L GO H2O Pro DI System with detergent dispenser, 7m Aero Control Kevlar pole, 12” brush, 100m hose and everything else you need for window cleaning! We pre-selected all options for you. You simply add to cart, or add options as needed.

Difference from Start-Up Packages?
- Larger DI system means more life to your resin
- Longer pole with the potential to be built up to 4 storeys
- Scrub bar with Doodlebug Pad for abrasive scrubbing

The Watefed Pole and Water Treatment Package 2 is a better option for cleaning at low heights or using the system for any commercial work.

- 12.5 litre GO H2O Pro De-ionisation System on compact trolley with detergent dispenser (WWGOH2OPRO_12.5). Featuring the new ‘McLennan’ head with ergonomic handle and ports for multiple outlets.
12.5 litres Mixed Bed (WWRESMB115) or Hard Water Blend Resin (WWRESMBHW). Premium, long-lasting Thermax resin to remove dissolved solids and dry spot-free
7″ 5 Micron Carbon Pre-filter (WWFLTCRBGOH2O_7). To maximise resin exchange capacity
7m (23′) Aero Control Kevlar Pole (WWAEROCON7) / Aero Edge Kevlar Pole (WWAEROEDGE7). Carbon fibre hybrid pole or 100% carbon pole for cleaning up to 2 storeys. Tough all-rounder with removable clamps and sections for every day use. Featuring removable clamps and sections and Kevlar wear pads under all clamping points. Build the pole up to 3 storeys with the Control 10m Extension (WWAEROCON10EXT) / Edge 10m Extension (WWAEROEDGE10EXT)and 4 storeys with the Control 13m Extension (WWAEROCON13EXT) / Edge 13m Extension (WWAEROEDGE13EXT).

– 100m x 12mm hose & reel (WWCSCHR12X8x100). To connect to your pole hose. Premium reinforced, durable 12mm hose on a lightweight metal reel with removable handle
12″ Alpha Shifter 308X Brush with 2 V-Jets (WWALPS308X) – Designed for maximum filament contact with the glass, a brush that works like a scrubbing pad
TDS meter (WWCSTDS1). For checking the total dissolved solids reading of the input and output water. After running through the DI it’ll be 0, resulting in no spotting on the windows or panels
Inline Pressure Gauge (WWCSPGRM15). Sturdy metal gauge that will measure water pressure up to 150psi
Hose leader (WWHOSLEAD). To connect DI system to the hose reel
10m Pole Hose (WWCSHPU5.3MMX1). Runs through the middle of your pole to ensure no snagging
Pole Hose Valve to Pushfit Connector (WWCSPHTPFC). Control the flow of water at the base of your pole without having to go back to your water source or DI system. Heavy duty!
8mm Joiner (WWCSQCJ8X8). Leave your pole hose in the pole when you pack up, saving you time in feeding pole hose through the pole each time you set up.
Wiel-Loc Angle Adapter (WWLANGAD). Angle your brush head for the desired reach for hard-to-get windows or back panels. 10″ reach with ability to use on any brush socket or pole end and add two arms
Wiel-Loc Swivel Adapter Arm (WWLSAA). Secondary arm with smooth pivoting, self-centralising action, enabling you to swivel your brush head to keep pressure on the glass evenly, even when standing off-centre from the glass.
Second Wiel-Loc Arm (WWLARM). Secondary arm for attaching pads/scrubbers/scrapers/other tools opposite your water fed brush. Simply turn your pole around when you need a more abrasive clean.
Wiel-Loc to Universal Cone (WWLUNICONE). Connect traditional window cleaning tools to your water fed pole and angle adapter.
Scrub Bar w/ Doodlebug Pad (WWCSSCRUB). Scrub bar to connect to the other arm of your Wiel-Loc Angle Adapter. Flip your brush around when you need an abrasive scrub. Can be fitted with bronze wool pads too.

– Optional larger tank and resin size
– Optional multiple outlets, including DI bypasses to save on resin when you don’t need a spot-free finish and a second pure water outlet
– Optional longer pole
Optional 100L Water Trolley Cart and pump (WWOSMOCART1) addition for when you’re working on sites without access to a water source, or have access to rain/tank water

* only the very best poles use multi-layered unidirectional carbon fibres for maximum strength to weight ratio and durability

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