MasterGuard TPE Gloves Box 200

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Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) gloves are more environmentally friendly and has lower cost compared to Vinyl.

Stringent assay suggest that the mechanical barrier offered by thermoplastic elastomer gloves is equal to or better than that provided by the latex gloves tested.

Clinical studies are needed to evaluate thermoplastic elastomer gloves, which may withstand mechanical stress better than latex or vinyl.
Thermoplastic elastomer gloves may therefore be a desirable cost effective alternative for health care workers in high-risk settings or for individuals with latex allergies.

Available in clear and blue colours. Sizes available S,M,L, and XL

These are DOP (Dopamine) & DINP (Diisononyl phthalate) free. These are the chemicals that are banned by the FDA as suspected carcinogens. These TPE gloves are the "Best gloves we have seen for making sandwiches" - food safe and odourless. Easily moulds and excellent fit to hands, smooth to use. HACCP Certified.

Easy Fit
Smooth finish Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), ambidextrous with various fit sizes, Small, Medium, Large, X Large.
Save Time
200 pieces per box, in a smaller dispenser box compared to Vinyl and Latex. Double the quantity with less required space.
Reduce Costs
A highly economical glove alternative for outbreaks, infection control or other high use situations.

TPE gloves are also more cost efficient due to their packaging. Due to the properties in the design of TPE gloves, they dispense better than Vinyl and Latex.
This stops the effect of dispensing multiple gloves at one time, which also cuts down disposal of non-used gloves. 
The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry condition away from direct sunlight.

Ideal use for infection outbreaks in medical and nursing situations.
The mechanical barrier offered by thermoplastic elastomer gloves is equal to or better than that provided by the vinyl and latex gloves at a reduced cost.

HACCP certification

Food Service, Food Manufacturer, Medical use for Hospital, Nursing Home or Lab, Work Protection, House Cleaning, Beauty Salon Protection, Supermarket, Quick food service.