Merrifresh Fridge Magic Fridge Odour Eliminator

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How to get rid of bad smells in your fridge? Edco's MerriFresh Fridge Magic features a unique odour neutralising gel incorporating silver ion technology.

This best fridge odor absorber comes in a handy point of display ready tray – simply lift off the brown outer lid and start selling!

This fridge odour eliminator from Edco is ideal for all fridges up to 150L capacity – home, office, caravans and motels to name a few. For larger commercial fridges simply use two Fridge Magic units – one on a top shelf and one down low!

How to Use:

Remove and discard plastic wrapping. Then remove the
white plastic lid to remove the silver protective film. Then replace the
white plastic lid onto the Fridge Magic unit before placing in your fridge
to instantly start neutralising nasty fridge odours!