Rubbermaid Brute Storage 3526 Square Containers 106 Litre

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BRUTE® Square containers offer up to 14% more capacity for storage or refuse collection than round containers. It has tight-fitting lids that help protect dry goods and other contents.

Nesting handles allow secure fit for side-by-side use. These containers haev round corners and smooth contours which are easy to clean. Gray and White are USDA Meat & Poultry Equipment Group Listed and assist in complying with HACCP guidelines.   Certified to NSF Std. #2 (gray and white) and Std. #21. 3517 combo has passed DOT #178.603, #178.606 and #178.608 criteria for shipping of solid regulated medical waste. Snap-Lock® Lid introduces the ability to collect, transport and ship regulated waste in the same container.Available in red, gray and white. Lids are also available.
Dimensions: Length 54.6 x Width 54.6 x Height 57.2 x Square 54.6cm