OneShot® Foam Dispenser Low Profile-Polished Chrome

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The One Shot Foam Dispenser System sets the standard for quality and reliability in counter-mounted soap dispensing.

Luxurious formulas encourage healthy hand washing, and patented Smart Sensor technology  detects hands, automatically delivering the perfect amount of soap – every time! Touch-free dispenser eliminates cross contamination to help reduce the spread of germs. Reliable, controlled dispensing of concentrated soaps eliminates over use and costly waste. Refill and battery-life indicator lights. Industry-leading battery life (up to 2 years or 90,000 cycles for One Shot foam dispensers). No clogs, drips, or messy cleanup. Closed dispensing system provides world-class reliability. Programmable options for 800mL and 1600mL refills. Preferred environmental choice – recyclable refills, biodegradable soap and Green Seal certified soaps – up to 80 % packaging waste reduction