Rubbermaid WaveBrake® Side Press Combo | Mop Bucket and Wringer System

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The WaveBrake® mop bucket and wringer system reduces splashing, which means a safer environment, cleaner floors, and improved productivity. With features that surpass traditional mop buckets, the WaveBrake® helps to cleanfloors with less effort to get the job done safer, without sacrificing quality and durability.

IMPROVE SAFETY AND PRODUCTIVITY. Patented WaveBrake baffles result in less splashing while mopping and maneuvering, helping to create a safer environment for patrons and staff. Additionally, water stays in the bucket, eliminating unnecessary trips to the storage closet to fill up the bucket, enhancing productivity.

CONVENIENT DRAIN Foot-operated drain reduces the strain of bending over while emptying.

CONVENIENT TO EMPTY.  The new generation of the WaveBrake mop bucket is designed to safely empty water with less effort. A foot-operated drain helps to empty heavy mop buckets into floor drains, eliminating the strain associated with lifting and bending. For facilities where sinks are used, integrated handles, sink ledge, and a pout spout provide control while lifting and emptying, for a safe and stable emptying process.

POUR SPOUT Helps prevent water from spilling on to floors while emptying dirty water, to help floor remain dry and safe.

INTEGRATED HANDLES AND SINK LEDGE Lift and empty the mop bucket easily, with less strain.

Dimensions 55.1 cm x 39.9 cm x 92.7 cm
Capacity 33L