Suma DIFY Degreaser Pur-Eco 40 Tabs

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It is specially designed for small under the counter and front load multi-cycle machines, delivering the performance of a professional system.

Up to 15 wash cycles per sachet. Up to 600 washes per Suma DIFY carton.
• EFFECTIVE: Instant excellent results
• ECONOMIC: up to 600 washes
no need for rinse aid, as rinse aid is included
no overdosing possible due to J-watcher
• RELIABLE: works under many different conditions and is
aluminium safe
• CONVENIENT: sachet can simply be placed into machine
• INTELLIGENT: cleaning & hygiene compliance without equipment
• SAFE: no direct contact with chemical possible

Use instructions
1. Place J-Watcher™ in wash bath and allow to float
2. Place sachet in wash bath; do not unwrap; sachet will dissolve
3. Start wash cycle, red light of the J-Watcher™ will now change to green
4. Wash for multiple cycles; on average up to 15 wash cycles
5. When the J-Watcher™ flashes red, add another sachet

When the J-Watcher™ is not in the water it enters sleep mode.

The J-Watcher™ should be replaced with every new pack. You will find a new
free J-Watcher™ in every DIFY™ pack. Dispose of the old J-Watcher™ in the
battery container.

Technical data
Appearance: Solid white powder in sachet
pH (1% solution): >12.5
weight of sachet: ~73 g

These figures are typical values and should not be interpreted as specifications.

Safe handling and storage information

Store in original container with lid closed.
Do not unwrap sachet.
Avoid extremes of temperature.
Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Material Safety Data Sheet.

Product compatibility
Under recommended conditions of use, DIFY™ is suitable for use on most materials commonly encountered in
the kitchen, including aluminum and other soft metals.
For professional use only