Surface Sanitiser Smartdose 1.4L

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Concentrated Sanitiser for pre-cleaned surfaces. It is a quarternary ammonium chloride-based, no-rinse sanitizer for use on all hard surfaces including food contact surfaces in food premises. SmartDose delivers accurate dosing without equipment or water connection.

It can be used in three-compartment sinks and all other food contact surfaces in facility. It is safe for soft and precious metals (silver and gold). It can be used as cleaner and deodorizer.

This sanitiser can be applied by mop, sponge, cloth, paper towel or (hand pump) coarse trigger sprayer.

For Use as a Cleaner and Deodorizer
Apply use solution to surfaces. Wipe surfaces and
let air dry.

Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces

Pre-f ush, scrape or pre-soak articles to be

 Wash areas or items to be sanitized with clean
water and a recommended detergent.

Rinse with potable water.

 To sanitize, Immerse or wet all surfaces for at
least 60 seconds (1 minute) or as required by local
sanitation regulations.

Drain and allow equipment or utensils to air dry.