Clax Active 4AP1 Chlorine Bleach Powder 20kg

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Low temperature Chlorine bleach that combines economy of use with excellent stain removal properties.

It it suitable for all tupes of white fabrics amd a limited number of colourfast textiles. A pwoder laundry destainer specifically formulated for use in commercial, healtcare and on premise laundries. This product should be applied in the rinse at temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees Celcius and can be used for all types of white fabrics and a limited number of colourfast textiles. It should not be used for cleaning coloured articles, except chlorine stable theatre linen.


Excellent destainer for all types of white fabric.
Provides good hygiene
Fabric Damage is minimal when used according to user instructions.

WARNING: This type of bleach should not be applied on linen with chlorhexidine stains. Also, please avoid contact of chlorine with enzyme containing products in the wash solution. Enzymes will be inactivated by chlorine.