Diversey Clean Air J-Fill Deodoriser Floral Fragrance 2.5L

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Clean Air J-Fill is a specially formulated deodoriser cleaner disinfectant with a floral, long lasting fragrance to kill modour causing germs as well as as giving maximum odour masking.

It can be sprayed into the air or onto hard surfaces and leaves a lasting fragrance on surfaces after cleaning. The patented J-Fill system eliminates wastage saving you money.

Instructions for Use:

As a air freshener
1. Fill applicator bottle with Clean Air JF from the dispenser
2. Spray into air to control odours

Bucket cleaning
1. Fill bucket with Clean Air JF from the dispenser
2. Apply to surface to be cleaned
3. Let dry – no rinsing necessary

Appearance Clear Red Liquid
Odour Rose Fresh
pH Concentrate 8.0 – 9.0
pH (Use Dilution) 7.5-8.5
Specific Gravity (20oC) 1.04
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