Xtra Cool Gold Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor Concentrate

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It is ideal for use in all vehicles not requiring anti-freeze protection, both petrol and diesel.

XTRA COOL GOLD is formulated using the latest inhibitor technology to provide optimum long life corrosion protection to aluminium alloys & all other metals used in the modern cooling system.

Available in red and green.
Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor
Makes up to 15 litres
Type B
3 years / 60,000km life span if diluted with tap water
3 years / 100,000km life span if diluted with demineralised water
Contains Ethylene Glycol 280g/Litre
100% Corrosion Protection
Minimal or nil AFAB protection
Australian Made
Exceeds Australian Standard AS 2108-2004 Type A
Silicate, phosphate & amine free