Tectaloy 100 Plus Green Long Life Coolant 50% Concentrate - Ready to Use

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Tectaloy 100 PLUS Long Life is an Organic pre-mixed 50% Anti-Freeze/Anti-Boil radiator coolant.

It is formulated for heavy duty long life use, offering maximum cooling system protection.

100 PLUS provides MAXIMUM protection for extreme hot and cold weather protection, towing and increased engine loads, corrosion, high performance multi valves engines and turbo supercharged engines.

It is available in 5L and 205L.

Ready to Use

Pre-mixed with 50% Concentrate

Type A


5 years or 250,000km

Contains Ethylene Glycol 580g/Litre

-37° Anti Freeze Protection

+129° Anti Boil Protection

100% Corrosion Protection

Australian Made

Exceeds Australian Standards AS 2108-2004 Type A

Silicate, phosphate & amine free