Spray-v Foam Gun Spray Gun with Variable Settings

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Spray-V Heavy Duty Foam Gun accurately mixes and sprays.  It is concentrated foaming detergents for cleaning all types of trucks,   trailers, cars, canopies & other equipment.

Clinging foam increases detergent contact time. It simply connects to garden hose using town water supply.

Spray-V has 6 dilution ratio settings: 0 Setting: 1 to 10 parts water, 1 Setting: 1 to 20 parts water, 2 Setting: 1 to 30 parts water, 3  Setting: 1 to 40 parts water, 4 Setting: 1 to 100 parts water, 5 Setting: 1 to 300 parts water. Each setting is easily selected by a round dial on the unit. Detach the pistol grip from the unit for use as a powerful sprayer when rinsing. It is an economical way to clean vehicles & equipment.