Numatic NPR1545X Floor Scrubber/Polisher - 450rpm

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To maintain consistently at Xtra high speeds requires the full NPR-1545 specification and the outcomes really show what it’s made of.


Here you have a burnisher with a full 1500 Watt power unit… an oil filled 450 rpm planetary gearbox… ATC Automatic Torque Control that monitors operation and boosts torque as wanted; guaranteeing constant operational performance.

ATC is extremely useful when spray cleaning at these higher speeds.

There is a selection of brushes and pad drives, allowing a complete selection of polishing heads to achieve the desired results on a whole variety of floor surfaces with a whole range of different chemical preparations.

The machine is particularly applicable to high-gloss finishes and, similarly, will be found to be exceptional when dry pad stripping a floor and burnishing after resealing the surface – all with the one machine.

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