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Safe De-wax remover is a spirit based stripper suitable for removing wax finishes from timber floors. It is non flammable and odourless makes product safer and less hazardous to use.

 SAFE DE-WAX Directions

Using double bucket, pour SAFE DE-WAX into wringer bucket and apply to approximately 10 square metres of floor with a cotton mop. Allow to penetrate and scrub with black pad. Mop up excess and wring into second bucket. Repeat process if necessary following the same procedure until all the floor area is stripped. If the floor looks dry, add a small amount of SAFESTEP PASTE, approximately 1 cup to 5 litres of SAFE DE-WAX and apply to floor. When dry buff with either a Red or Pro-Burnish Lite floor pad.

Click here to download the Safe De-wax Material Safety Data Sheet