Vileda UltraMax Completo

  • Description

UltraMax from Vileda cleans even the toughest dirt whilst keeping your hands clean and dry. The unique PowerZone area on the mop head puts pressure on tough stains to take the effort out of cleaning.

 It gives extra scrubbing power.The microfiber pad guarantees the best cleaning results - even on greasy stains. It has super absorbent material, made of 100% microfibre.  It has a flat low profile frame which provides easy access under beds and low standing furniture.

Thanks to the unique UltraMax bucket and wringer system, the cleaning pad can be rinsed and wrung out or straining your back easily, with minimal effort and without bending.

UltraMax now leaves floors even drier, using the minimum amount of water on your floor. Ideal for wooden or laminate floors. It is ideal for dry or wet use.