Eurostar Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

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A super light 4.2 kg commercial backpack vacuum cleaner. It has the best warranty in the world. 5 years motor warranty parts and world. 1200 watts. It has On/Off Switch on Harness. On the spot repair guaranteed.

Motor can be simply unclicked and replaced by the operator. So in normal circumstances, you could have a spare motor on hand to change over, to avoid costly downtime. Available open and close vacuum bags.

For spare parts and accessories, please contact us for prompt service

Vacuum Features
Model number EC-999-BP
Volt /Freq 220 - 240 50 Hz
Power 1200W - 4.2 KG Weight Of Vacuum Cleaner
Air watts 284 / 1.9 - 2.1( Air Flow )
Vacuum pressure (KpA) 19 - 22
Noise Db(A) 72-74
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