Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 286

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It has bagless unit vacuum intake closer to ground (improves dirt pick-up) Small enough to get under couches & beds Ideal for wooden floors, carpet, vinyl, tiles and other hard floors 

Three (3) intelligent working modes - Random, Spiral, Along the Wall.

Non-collision bumper (turns when encountering obstacles). Self-adjusting cleaning system. Anti-falling system. Adjustable anti-cliff sensors. Automatic shut-off feature if wheels get stuck Mop function. Two side-brushes to help pick up dirt more efficiently. Removeable wheels & brushes. Easy to empty dust bin 800MAH NI-MH. Rechargeable Battery (14.4V) Working Time: approx. 50 minutes Charging Time: approx. 4 hours 0.3L dust tank capacity Low Noise: 55dB Part No: VROBO-286


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