Cleanstar 2250w Ducted System Vacuum

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The Cleanstar SD30 Central Vacuum System is a highly versatile unit recommended for medium-size homes with 40-60 metres of pipe.

An octagonally shaped twin-motor machine with a disposable bag dust collector, the SD30 is strong and built to last.

Twin Motor (2250 Watts) - 2 x Ametek 2-Stage Bypass motors (M031). 3 Horsepower (3HP). Bag machine (replacement dust bags: AF552/AF552S). Two inlet (entry) points on either side of machine. External muffler to reduce noise. In-built overload protection. 10 amps | 24400 RPM. Air Volume - 97 Litres p/sec; 205 Cubic Feet p/min. 710 Air Watts (max). Sealed Vacuum - 97 Inches of Water; 2484 mm of Water. Dimensions: 760mm high x 360mm wide

NOTE: As the machine draws around 10 amps, it should have its own power circuit.


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