Edco Abc 500g Hanks

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Ideal for painters, furniture restorers and french polishers

Coarse to super fine grade long strand steel wool. Single ribbon of steel wool.

Fine grades: suitable for french polishing, window cleaning, light sanding and polishing

Medium to coarse grades: suitable for metal polishing, rodent control and heavy sanding and polishing

Grade 0000 - Super Fine - for Final finishes - ideal for french polishing, cleaning glass, tiles and marble.

Grade 000 - Extra Fine - for Buffing and polishing - ideal for cleaning and polishing delicate surfaces.

Grade 00 - Very Fine - for Metal Polishing - ideal for cleaning and polishing soft materials

Grade 0 - fine - for Smoothing and Finishing - ideal for cleaning tiles, sinks and stoves

Grade 1 - Medium - for General Purpose Use - ideal for cleaning grouting and removal of fine rust

Grade 2  - Medium Coarse - for Surface Separation - ideal for rubbing back old paint and rust

Grade 3 - Coarse - For Paint/Varnish Removal - ideal for removal of heavy rust and grime