Edco Abc 250g Sleeves Steel Wool Grade

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It is suitable for most surfaces including steel, timber, porcelain and glass. Ideal for planters, plumbers, workshops, tilers, and cleaning and industrial suppliers.

Large industrial sized pads available in six grades of steel wool. It has flexible scouring for intricate surfaces. This must be kept away from all sources of ignition. Coarse to super fine grade long strand steel wool.

250 gram steel wool with different grades.

Grade 0000 - Super Fine - for Final finishes - ideal for french polishing, cleaning glass, tiles and marble.

Grade 000 - Extra Fine - for Buffing and polishing - ideal for cleaning and polishing delicate surfaces.

Grade 00 - Very Fine - for Metal Polishing - ideal for cleaning and polishing soft materials

Grade 0 - fine - for Smoothing and Finishing - ideal for cleaning tiles, sinks and stoves

Grade 1 - Medium - for General Purpose Use - ideal for cleaning grouting and removal of fine rust

Grade 2  - Medium Coarse - for Surface Separation - ideal for rubbing back old paint and rust

Grade 3 - Coarse - For Paint/Varnish Removal - ideal for removal of heavy rust and grime