Polivac Carpet Spotter Hotspot

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Carpet Spotter for all types of carpet. It can also be used to upholstery or car detailing. Inbuilt 750 watt heater element provides hot water in minutes.

Roto-moulded body for strength with easy removable container for dirty water disposal. Control switch to select Vac only, Vacuum/Pump and Heater on/off. Easy connection for solution and vac hose.


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4 Castor wheels provide easy maneuverability and is well balanced to prevent tipping. Supplied with stainless steel 3 1/2 upholstery tool and 3m suction hose, and 3m vacuum hose. Carpet Spotter Specifications: Pump of 55 psi oscillating, vacuum of 2 stage vacuum, lift/CFM of 90"/97 cfm, heater of 750 watt-in-line, capacity of 9.4 litres, hose of 3 metre vacuum & solution, power of heated of 13.5amp, dimensions of L:39cm W:28cm H:71cm, weight of 11 kg, body of roto-moulded and wheels of 4x4.7cm diameter wheels.