Scrub N Clean Mop Cover For Velcro Mop 40cm

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Scrub N Clean Mop covers are designed for mopping normal low maintenance, sealed or tiled floors where extra scrubbing or cleaning edges in required, without causing extra drag.

These Scrub N Clean Mop covers are designed to scrub and clean your floors and leave them dry in the shortest possible amount of time.

Scrub N Clean Mop Features:
Folded front edge for scrubbing corners
Dual Fibre scrubs and cleans without drag
Can be Laundered over 500 times
Silver antibacterial technology
Long Life Velcro backing
Suitable for vinyl and tile floors as well as walls
Can be washed at 95 Degrees Celsius

Perfect for vinyl floors with a grain creating a timber looking floor. Available in blue, yellow and green.

This dual fibre microfibre mop scrubs the floor first and then cleans it leaving micro droplets of solution to evaporate and leave your floors dry within 1 minute.

Scrub N Clean Mop covers, contain microfibre cloths inside the mop which help to hold up to 500mls of picked up solution in a similar way to how a babies nappy works. This keeps the surface of the mop on the floor drier at all times.

The front of the mop is folded to help get into corners and Velcro frame can be held vertically to apply scrubbing pressure to remove scuff marks.

The quicker a floor can be left dry, the less residuals will be left behind, hence making your floor stay cleaner longer.

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