Swarfega® Powerwash Vehicle Traffic Film Remover Formula

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Swarfega® Powerwash Multi-Purpose Vehicle Traffic Film Remover with wax effect finish, to remove all types of general road grime for commercial vehicles and plant equipment. For medium to heavy soilings.

It is ready to use, economical, biodegredable, non-rinse formula high performance vehicle cleaning power wash.

Features and Benefits:

Free Rinsing  - Gives fast, effective rinse off helping to leave a non-smear, streak-free finish.
Ready to Use  - Without the need for pre-diluting with water for maximum power and convenience.
Added Wax Formulation  - For a deep lasting shine.
Silicate Free  - Prevents etching of glass or damage to original paint finishes when used correctly.
Prevents Scaling  - Reduces maintenance costs and prolongs equipment life.
Compatible  - With all hot and cold vehicle cleaning equipment.
Economical  - Can be pre-diluted 50:50 with water to make 50 litres of TFR.
Biodegradable  - Will degrade in sewage systems.*  *Local conditions may vary, for further advice contact Deb or the Environment Agency.
Powerful - Rapidly removes all types of general road grime.
Versatile Formula - Product is suitable for use on bodywork, engines and chassis.